... which perform a balancing act between transparency and lightness.


... as artistic highlights.


... created by the joy of experimentation.

"BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH" - Installation Rehhof, castle of Mondsee 2011

It was a challenge to create something artistically at the the inner courtyard of the cloister in Mondsee Castle.
In my search for motifs, it was important to me that they relate to the place, the spiritual orientation and the history. The idea of the starry sky was born. A large, beautifully grown fir tree was placed in the center and positioned on a hill to get an elevated position even in snowfall. It was a need for me to emphasize the value of the tree, which, as in real life, also means support and connection to life, nature and growth. Above motifs in yellow and white, such as stars and moon, from the coat of arms of Mondsee, then the motif of the Flower of Life in orange and red, the cross shape in gold, the heart, whose shape was taken from the sacristy door, to the spiral in blue and transparent, developed by Albrecht Dürer. The laurel wreath in green from the coat of arms of the von Wrede family, who were once castle owners. To immerse all this in a light that enchants and makes you pause in the quietest time of the year.

Fotos: Stefan Zenzmaier, Amina Angelina Nührig, Jochen Schlote