ARTIST - Constantly following this force that wants to create something new - expressing the moment – joy of life that is expressed in all her works.



That's the life theme of the artist. After her education as a textile designer, she studied stage and costume design as well as theatrical painting at Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

The spectrum of her works ranges from paintings and stage design to carpet creations which have led her to Nepal for many years. As well as designing fascinating mobiles, installations and taylor made chandeliers, she has expanded her portfolio to include the REISER ARTBAG.

The artist lives and works in Salzburg and Vienna. Her works are presented in a variety of ways in exhibitions, in the treasures of collectors, in public spaces, and in publications.



Foto: Inge Prader


1959 28.7. Born under the sign of Leo with Virgo ascendant, education at the technical college for textile design in Salzburg, studies in stage and costume design at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

1985 graduation as Master of Arts

1986 freelance artist, collaboration with Salzburg Festival, Bregenz Festival, Ruhr Festival and productions of the ORF

1987 Birth of son Nicola

1989 Habitat, studio and gallery at Mühlberghof in Eugendorf close to Salzburg. Beginning of carpet designs made in Hungary with classic craftsmanship

1991 Birth of daughter Amina Angelina

1992 Trip to Nepal, Beginning of the cooperation implementing the AMR tapestry in Kathmandu, Nepal

1994 Birth of son Noah Maria

2006 Workshop „Paint and let the everyday life rest“ in the new AMR gallery; A place of encounter has been created

2010 First stage of the Camino de Santiago in Spain

2011 Nepal trip to continue the AMR-ART - design line, painting order for the hospital of the Barmherzige Brüder Salzburg


2012 Working trip to Mallorca

2013 Walked part of the Camino de Santiago between Burgos and Léon; Opening of the gallery and studio Reiser in Nonntal/Salzburg with daughter Amina Nührig; Opening exhibition „BALANCEAKT“

2014 Vice President of the Friends of the Raphael Hospice Salzburg. Trip to Nepal to create new designs; „FARBENSPIEL & LICHTERGLANZ“ at the Raphael Hospice in Salzburg

2014 „JUNG.KREATIV.TALENTIERT“: young talents are supported

2015 „JUNG.KREATIV.TALENTIERT“: young talents are supported

2016 „JUNG.KREATIV.TALENTIERT“: young talents are supported; Gallery celebration: 3 years studion and gallery Reiser

2017 The project REISER ARTBAG becomes another creative expression

2019 Moving to the new studio; last stage of the Camino de Santiago; Training for terminal care; President of the Friends of the Raphael Hospice Salzburg; Living studio opens in Vienna

2021 28.7. birth of grandson Nolan


2001 Orangerie, Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna

„SONNE, MOND & STERNE“ Liaison Office Land Salzburg in Brussels

2002 Exhibition Bezirkshauptmannschaft Zell am See „FARBE AUF MEINER HAUT“ Deutsche Vermögensberatung Wien AG

2002 Exhibition Gut Aiderbichl, Henndorf „TIERE ALS MITGESCHÖPFE"

2003 Klinik Breitensee, Vienna „COME TOGETHER"

2003 Design exhibition Seidl-Villa, Munich

2004 Mercedes-Benz, Steinwender-Thonet, Graz „HERZENSLUST"

2004 Stadtgalerie Vienna "BPW-Private Collection"

2004 Gallery of the Diakonie, Salzburg „AUF HÄNDEN GETRAGEN"

2005 Raum und Kultur Höribachhof, Mondsee „CARPET DIEM"

2005 Art Fair, Salzburg „COME TOGETHER"

2007 Point 12, Bozen Mobile „LEBENSWANDEL“

2007 CASA - Wohnen mit Lebensstil, Salzburg

„DER SEE - DIE KUNST - DAS LAND“ Paintings and tapestry concept, Seeburg Castle, Seekirchen am Wallersee

2008 New retirement home, Seekirchen Mobile „ZEITLOS“

2009 Romanesque Cellar, HYPO Residenzplatz, Salzburg

2009 Performance for the opening of the Salzburg Festival „BEWEGUNGSSPIEL DER MÄCHTIGEN“

2009 Helga Treichl Hospice Salzburg


2010 Mielezentrum Salzburg „MIELE FÜR DIE SINNE“

2011 Exhibition in the gallery of the Diakonie Salzburg


2011 Bank Austria, Kitzbühel „LEBENSLUST UND SONNENGOLD“

2011 GWS Salzburg „AUGENBLICK MAL“

2011 Kajetanerkirche Salzburg „Lange Nacht der Kirchen"

2011 Installation at Mondsee Castle, Upper Austria

2012 Living and Interieur Fair, Vienna „UNIKATEWELT"

2012 Salzburger Sparkasse, Alter Markt, Salzburg


2013 Alcudia, Can Fondo, Mallorca „L'ART DE LA DIVERSITAT“

2013 Stage design for the Operetta „Orpheus in der Unterwelt“

2014 First participation of the gallery Reiser at the ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen „KUNST.WERK.NATUR“ with paintings and objects, music Sabina Hank & concert master Monika Kammerlander with texts about the works, gallery Reiser

2014 Stage design „Eine Nacht in Venedig“ and „La Traviata“

2014 Participation of the group exhibition, gallery Reiser


2014 Raphael Hospiz Salzburg „FARBENSPIEL & LICHTERGLANZ“

2016 Lange Nacht der Museen

2016 Gallery celebration 3 years studio & gallery Reiser

2020 Fischbrunnensaal Alte Residenz „ORF Museumszeit“

Film project „RESONANZ“ with Cornelius Obonya, Verena Bruckner

2021 Asitz/Leogang, Salzburg „FLOW“ Art trail

2021 Land Art, Hintersee, "Hand auf´s Herz"

2022 Lumen Christi, Kollegienkirche Salzburg

2022 Silent Nature, Urbankeller Salzburg